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The Benefits of Using Recessed Lighting for Your Home

Many homeowners live in modern homes, and with these homes, you can expect to see modern lines. Adding a grand chandelier to any home is a good idea. Unfortunately, it would be impractical to install a three-foot chandelier for a house with an eight-foot ceiling. You characterize modern lines as straight and clean, and you can get these things from recessed lighting.

There are many reasons why modern homes require recessed lighting. For instance, recessed lights offer tight spaces in your home with some lights that traditional fixtures cannot provide. They work well for small closets that need some light as well as kitchens that require extra light because you want to feel extra or be in your element as a gourmet chef. No matter what, recessed lighting works if you need light when other light fixtures cannot work.

Recessed lighting also adds more drama to any prized collection or a particular piece of artwork that you have. Take, for example, a collection of autographs from the Yankees. Again, whatever comes to mind that you think will need some spotlight inside your house, the use of recessed lights can help you.

Installing recessed lights is not as simple as it seems whether you are tackling on a brand-new construction job or a remodeling project. Though installing these lights are not impossible, they can still be challenging. For the installation of these lights in existing ceilings, you need to cut holes for the placement of your lights above. You also need to ensure that you have electrical wires running over such holes. Moreover, you may need to cut extra holes to provide additional routes for cables if you have no attics above.

Because most ceilings these days are insulated, make sure to choose fixtures with adequate insulation rates. Even if your house does not have an insulated roof, it is always great to install insulation rated fixtures only. If not, your fixtures may heat up and create extra heat hazard near something you have no intentions of getting too hot.

If you are going to install recessed lighting for your house, the traditional way is to install them following the length of your room along two joists. This type of installation is the most ideal if you want to distribute light for your entire room. It is also a good idea to install recessed lighting around the exterior of your room and a few accent lights in the middle. This type of installation helps make any room look and feel bigger.

You can also install recessed lights over your seating areas to improve your ability to read. Nonetheless, installing them in areas of your home that feature your prized possessions or collections is still very popular. You can also put them above your fireplace so that your light will shine directly on it.

Whichever you plan to install your recessed lights, make sure that you turn off your electricity when you are done cutting in the holes for them. Only after turning off power can you run the wires to where your fixtures will be. If you are doing everything yourself, it is safer if you turn off the main breaker. After that, run the wires to your fixtures, install them, and voila! You now have your very own recessed lighting.

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